Appeon Auto-Renewal Program

LAST REVISED: September 14, 2021


The Appeon Auto-Renewal Program automatically renews all the active subscriptions that you enroll. You are in control of which subscriptions to enroll and when to cancel such enrollment.

This program aims to free you from the hassle of managing subscription renewals and to ensure that you renew your subscription on time. Once a subscription expires access to the Appeon product under that subscription will cease, and to resume access you will be required to purchase a new subscription at the then-current price.

Enrolling an active subscription in this program will authorize Appeon to automatically process a renewal order for that subscription 30 days prior to the subscription expiration date. It is your choice whether to enroll some or all of your active subscriptions.

You may pay for subscription renewals with any payment method accepted by Appeon: credit card, wire transfer or check.

The subscriptions you enroll in this program will automatically continue from year to year unless cancelled. You will receive a subscription renewal reminder e-mail before each annual renewal period. This e-mail will provide important information, such as pending renewals, how to change your renewal settings, and so on.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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