PowerServer is available both under subscription and perpetual license models.

  • A subscription license allows the use of PowerServer and standard support during the subscription term. If your subscription expires, your apps deployed with PowerServer will cease to operate. You can restart your subscription at any time by purchasing a new PowerServer subscription at the then-current price.
  • A perpetual license allows the use of PowerServer in perpetuity. The first-year standard support is mandatory, and it is purchased together with the perpetual license. Apps deployed with PowerServer will continue to operate even if the standard support has expired. There is a six month grace period to reinstate your standard support.

    Yes, the product activation mechanism requires an Internet connection to ensure license compliance. If your environment does not have or permit such connectivity, please contact Appeon sales dept.

    A single license can be used to activate PowerServer on as many server instances as you would like, provided that:

    • Those server instances are used solely for your internal business purposes by your employees, agents and contractors, unless otherwise permitted by the type of license purchased; and
    • The number of user sessions across all servers does not exceed the licensed capacity.

      So generally, most customers just need a single license. However, if you want to limit how the user sessions are distributed across multiple server instances, then you should consider to purchase multiple smaller licenses.

      A User Session is a single instance of an Installable Cloud App, which means if one user starts two apps for example, then it will be counted as two User Sessions.  As a general rule, we recommend multiplying the number of total users by the number of total apps.

      User Sessions are consumed on a first come first served basis, and once consumed it is prioritized for the lifetime of their corresponding sessions.  So when the licensed capacity is exceeded it does not disrupt what your app users are currently doing.  But of course, no additional users or app instances are permitted.

      ​​​​​​​You can add more user sessions by upgrading to a higher edition of PowerServer that allows for more user sessions capacity. An unlimited edition is also available. 

      Licensing FAQs for PowerServer 2020 or Older Versions.